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The world is a diverse place. We come in many different shapes and sizes and have different beliefs. Diversity is good. Embrace it. (Amy Macdonald)
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 ALIZEE vs AMY but not really......

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Youth Of Today

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ALIZEE vs AMY   but not really...... Empty
PostSubject: ALIZEE vs AMY but not really......   ALIZEE vs AMY   but not really...... Empty2/13/2015, 2:30 am

J'en Ai Marre and Moi....Lolita were Aliizee's earlier hits. French Pop is quite different than what Amy sings. Equally, Alizee and Amy are incredible performers and both are beyond gorgeous. I get an eargasm from listening to both. I don't speak French, but I agree with everything Alizee says. Amy is a visionary and has influenced a generation with her melodic and clever hooks. 'This Pretty Face' You tube video 5 O'clock Show among her best. Alizee again, rivals her in the James Bond influenced 'A cause de l'autumne'. If looks could kill, both artists are lethal. Amy writes all (or most ) of her material. Alizee does not. Alizee is a professional dancer, Amy is not. The media benefits the most - we get to enjoy both musical genres and be captivated by both girls. Fixation/obsession are words mabey we shouldn't use. 'curiously aroused' (?) Might be better. Failure to mention Nolwenn Leroy would be a mistake - also labeled 'French Pop'. But any body whose seen her Youtube vid 'Moonligh[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]t Shadow' would agree - it's Celtic Rock. Hey guys, sorry 'bout the mani Amy2 festo. Cheers! Gerry (Beach Bum Extraordinaire)

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ALIZEE vs AMY but not really......
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